Antoine Elves, Bantoine Elves, Other gaming stuff

Antoine Elves was a giant pile of “meh”. It had some explosive moments, none of which lasted longer than a moment, and some funny draws, but it turns out that there really needs to be some card-advantage in the deck.

On that note, I also tried Bantoine Elves, which was a bit more exciting, but the mana kinda sucked. I’ll endeavour to figure out the right mix between powerful spells and mana…it might just turn out to be U/G or something. I’m sure counterspells would help, counterspell make everything better, right?

FYI, Here’s the Bantoine Elves list

// Lands
    8 [UG] Forest
    4 [SHM] Fire-Lit Thicket
    4 [SHM] Wooded Bastion
    4 [EVE] Flooded Grove

// Creatures
    2 [ALA] Mycoloth
    4 [ALA] Ranger of Eos
    4 [EVE] Nettle Sentinel
    4 [10E] Llanowar Elves
    2 [LRW] Elvish Harbinger
    4 [MOR] Heritage Druid
    4 [8E] Birds of Paradise

// Spells
    4 [ALA] Bant Charm
    2 [MOR] Roar of the Crowd
    3 [MOR] Distant Melody
    4 [LRW] Gilt-Leaf Ambush
    3 [LRW] Elvish Promenade


And now, a non-magical tale I have to share. A while back I was googling to find the two videos Yahtzee did before he started making Zero Punctuation (available at The Escapist, obligatory plug) when I stumbled across a couple of podcast appearances he’d made over at the site On..Tuesday I think it was, I signed up to their forums because I wanted to share a story I had that related to some content they’d had on one of these podcasts. I signed up, did my “click here to validate your account” thing. The next page had something about the admins requiring themselves to authenticate each signup, presumably as an anti-spam measure. Oddly though, as we speak I still can’t see any forums when I’m logged in. I can browse ’til my hearts content as a guest…not so much as a member.

This strikes me as somewhat bizarre, especially given that I signed up under my name and last initial, ReeceP, so I can’t imagine that I look like a spambot. The other odd thing is that I can see the members online, and i’ve seen the admins online on multiple occasions. So here we’ll have the “AustralianGamer Forum Countdown” and see how long it takes me to get posting there!

I’ve got a party tonight, but check back here for an exciting-looking extended deck I designed at work. Also my teammate has made a super-exciting standard deck that’s an alternate look at an idea that appeared at PT: Berlin that i’d like to share with you. We’ll see how I go with that, but definitely look out for that extended list.

Until next time,
– RP


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