If you wanna win, you gotta get a bit larky…

Just firstly, on the “Who’s that Pokemon challenge” – that’s not the whole pokemon, it’s a partial silhouette.
Since last we met, I’ve had not much time to test the Reveillark deck (admittedly, the process was delayed by several games of NHL 09), but here is a quick recap of what I did play. I bought the pieces of the deck, with Archon of Justice being a surprisingly low two tickets. I played a few games in the casual room, went zero and X before winning a match, consisting of one win against a mulligan, my opponent winning game 2, then conceding game 3, then deciding RIGHT I’M SORTED NOW and plowing unashmedly into the Constructed Queue room. I was quite surprised to discover that there is now such thing as a 4-man queue. Given my time constraints, and that the 4-man had three people waiting, I jumped on in.

My first round opponent lead off with an early Wooly Thoctar, but I had a wrath to answer it. He had a backup horde, but a couple Kitchen Finks and a Reveillark were quite good for my “conserve damage” plan and I was soon able to get past his defenses with my fliers.

Game 2 was rather bizarre. He was stalled on mana, and most of it was painful mana. I wasn’t getting very far with my 2 Kitchen Finks and One Mulldrifter. Finally I had him down to 7 Life…he had a bloom tender and had finally pulled out of his land trouble, and I had my three creatures, a Mind Stone and lands….it was at this point he tapped out for what must have been the world’s worst Realm Razer Just to recount, this left the board at:

Bloom Tender
Realm Razer
7 Life


Kitchen Finks
Kitchen Finks
Mind Stone
> 20 Life

Not the best situation for him, especially considering I was one Blue source away from Flashfreeze coming online.

He was able to immediately tap Bloom tender for RGW and O-Ring a Finks, but quickly went to 2 on my turn. He was then able to make another O-Ring for my Mulldrifter, but was forced to block my Finks in order to not die. I got timewalked to be fair, but his next turn yielded not much of note whilst mine gave me a Reveillark.

The second and final round saw me up against a red deck. I was once again on a “preserve damage” plan and a Finks-heavy draw on the play was well suited to this task. So was condemn on his turn 3 Ram-Gang. A-bang-bang!! We played a lot of back-and-forth, I was drawing a lot of land, but so was he, and I had to play in such a way that if he ripped, or was sandbagging Demigod at a couple of points I was just dead, but I managed to get there in the end.

Game 2 was absolutely bee-e-ay-youtiful…for him. Turn 1 Figure, Turn 2 Lasher…I had a Condemn to slow him down, and I managed to stall a couple turns with archon-mannequin, but this just delayed the brutal and inevitable.

Game 3 saw me play an early Sower, and between Mannequin and Reveillark I was able to steal his creatures, use them to chump a couple of times (that “preserve damage” rather than “race” plan) and eventually I somehow won..i’m not quite sure how it happened myself, I just got there.

At the end of the game he made some comment about both games his draw had his lands outnumber his spells by two, and it was the only way I could win. Sadly he left the game before I could deliver the response “well you know, I gotta get Larky sometimes.” We’ll just pretend I did.

Usually I hate when people makes excuses other than “well, that’s magic for ya sometimes” when they lose but this time it didn’t bother me. THANKS FOR THE EXTRA BOOSTER, YOU TWAT!

I’m such a good winner.

Next time: Some red Shuh-mon Shuh-naningans.

Until then,
 – RP


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