Do you remember when I had a blog? Neither do I!

Updates are likely going to be few and far between over the next two weeks, i’m backfilling a colleague’s role while she goes on two weeks holiday, and it’s a lot of work. I believe the technical term is “A Metric Fuckton of work”. I stayed an hour after work yesterday and still didn’t get everything done. So I won’t have much time to do any bloggery.

My weekend was fulfilling, but kind of meh – I started on the cleaning of my unit. It’s going to be an epic operation that will no doubt be in a permanent status of “not quite finished”. At the moment, I have the priorities done – the area around my playstation and book/CD/DVD/game shelf. The remaining mess from my living room is in a pile of “to be sorted” stuff that i’m going to do this week. I did try and do a special update during the weekend, but I cocked it all up. Maybe next weekend I can try another.

Then there’s my kitchen…the dishes…oh good lord. I’m seriously contemplating just binning all my plates and crockery and starting all over again.

Next, a short plug for the Facebook game Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures. It’s just a watered-down D&D, but with the events 10-15 mins apart. So you can be doing something…say…work, study, or modo…then go back to your adventure for a second, then go back to you what you were doing. The friend interaction is where all the appeal is, as you can give each other “buffs” (+1 to your total), thus creating a “buff network” where everyone is boosting their friends’ rolls.

So everyone buff me.

…I am so quoting that out of context.

And now…an AustralianGamer signup update in true AG fashion!

*wind whistles through the trees*

…So, what did you think?

In all seriousness, two weeks and still nothing. And not much participation on your end either! Law of averages suggests that if lots of us sign up, the more chance that one of us makes it. The admins are back from an expo, so hopefully they might go to the forum signups to accept the singups of everyone they met at the expo.

As an indicator of how flat-out i’ve been, I started this post on Tuesday, and its Wednesday night that i’m finishing it. Yesterday I had a decklist to share, but it didn’t win any games, so i’m not going to post it.


The last thing I wanted to do is explain the entire point of the blog. I have a lot of different contacts in different quarters all asking me for ideas re: things, or my ideas on magic in general. Rather than forget who i’d told what, I decided to establish this blog. Any ideas I have will be here soon after I have them. So PLEASE stop trying to pre-empt the blog by getting ideas from me…particularly this extended idea I keep teasing. I’m not going to tell you. It’s exciting and promising, but I really want to see if it puts up results first, and I want to take my time with it. So some patience all around would be very much appreciated.

That’s all I have for now.


Until next time,

 – RP.





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