Gamer Pride

It was the night before Saturday,
I was out on the town.
I like to act a bit silly,
Get some laughs and play the clown

I was talking with a girl,
She had pleasant enough features
When the talk turned to interests,
I mentioned that I like to cast Creatures.

From here it can get hard to get time of day,
This talk of nerd can give off dread
But how can one see that it’s just how I have fun
when visions of Pokemon dance in their head?

No one ever hears of Magic’s social side,
Hundreds of people playing in the one space
They don’t learn about the friends and networks i’ve made,
Or the camaraderie that takes place

I traveled to Brisbane last year,
Met players from New York and Portugal
I’m also friends with “The Best Faerie Player in the World”
His name is Paulo, from Brazil

I had better things to do than continue that night,
I left her thinking that I was quite lame
It doesn’t bother me what other people think
For there’s plenty of women out there, but only so much time to game!



  1. Wedges said

    I always found the focus more towards free travel, awesome people around the world and money to be made was the better first angle than liking to cast creatures, in regards to bringing up magic etc.
    Props for PV barn ofcourse.

  2. crampedheadspace said

    Taken that one too literally – I agree with you, but when I said “I like to cast Creatures” I was just saying “I play magic”, but it had to rhyme with features. I could have changed that line I guess, but I wrote this on the fly…

  3. LukeW said

    sell it like poker xD

    well, i would offcourse if i told anyone..

  4. crampedheadspace said

    Work sent me to a counselor last week (she was at least medium-high gorgeous) and I used the old method I read on Starcity – “It has pieces you can move around like Chess but it has cards only you can see like Poker”. She said “That sounds good, I like chess and I like poker…” and at that point I was pretty much only capable of thinking “zomg”.

  5. LukeW said

    Hmmm, iam twice intrigued:

    1. Counseller Five (The Todd Voice)
    2. Medium – High gorgeous is not sufficient… i am going to need an X/10

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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