I brewed this up intending it to be a lot further from the Boat-Brew than it ended up, but really…why mess with what worked? This is a Boat-Brew list that splashes black for Sculler and some sideboard options.


4 Figure of Destiny

4 Mogg Fanatic

1 Flamekin Harbinger

4 Tidehollow Sculler

3 Ranger of Eos

4 Reveillark

3 Siege-Gang Commander

2 Voice of All


3 Ajani Vengeant

3 Oblivion Ring

4 Spectral Possession


4 Reflecting Pool

4 Rugged Prairie

4 Vivid Meadow

4 Windbrisk Heights

3 Fetid Heath

5 Plains

1 Mountain


Sideboard so far:

2 Voice of All

3 Kitchen Finks

3 Shriekmaw

1 Oblivion Ring

4 Fulminator Mage

2 Murderous Redcap


I’ll be looking to test this on MWS, or, FoD prices permitting, Modo over the next few days. Maybe IRL testing is an option too. Any takers?


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