An Appalling Act – Please Help However You Can!

Last weekend (Sunday 27th September) the store Meta Games in Melbourne, Australia was burgled. Someone got into the store (by the looks of it through the toilet window) and stole all of their Zendikar Stock (between 25 and 30 Boxes), their Type 2, Type 1 and M10 Singles Folder, 8 Pieces of power and cleared out the register of over $700.

In total around $40,000 worth of cash and product was taken from the store.

Unfortunately, the store had also recently had $8000 worth of stock stolen, which was already being processed under insurance. As a result, they changed the locks and installed security cameras. The last footage from the cameras is from Sunday afternoon, during the day. This indicates the theft was premeditated and done by someone inside the local Melbourne community, so this new theft has absolutely buried the owners Isaac and Chris, both financially and emotionally.

At that stage, the future of Meta Games looks bleak. However, the magic community, both in Melbourne and across Australia has already rallied behind owners Chris and Isaac, and shown their support by way of countless offers of donations of cards to restock folders, as well as the prizes so that they can actually run their upcoming Highlander event that they already announced, and donations towards a Auction with the money going towards the store.

 All of this is a fantastic start, but we’re still a ways short of being able to replace the total value of the losses Meta Games has suffered. We’re desperate, and we’re looking to the wider Magic community now for any support you’re able to provide. Without it, the store will invariably be forced to shut down and it’s likely that bankruptcy for Isaac and//or Chris is a factor as well. If you would like to help Metagames, these are the cards & stock that we’re hoping people can help replenish with donations:

-Zendikar boosters&boxes
-Shards block rares
-M10 rares
-Any chase or semi-chase Vintage or Legacy rares and uncommons

ANY help, from anyone, is appreciated beyond words. The address for Metagames is:

Meta Games
2/116 Peel St
North Melbourne
Victoria 3053

 If you’re looking for an email contact, you can contact either myself, or Alex McCormick (or both) here:



Thanking you,
Reece Perry


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