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States 09 – Top 8 Decklist: Windbrisk Red/White

2009 State Championships
Chris Mofflin

Main Deck

4 Windbrisk Heights
4 Battlefield Forge
4 Rugged Prairie
3 Mountain
7 Plains

1 Flamekin Harbinger
4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Figure of Destiny
4 Knight of the White Orchid
3 Ranger of Eos
3 Reveilark
2 Siege-Gang Commander

4 Path to Exile
3 Mind Stone
4 Spectral Possession
4 Ajani Vengeant
2 Banefire


2 Wrath of God
2 Runed Halo
2 Voice of All
3 Wispmare
1 Mirror Entity
2 Burrenton Forge-Tender
3 Guttural Response


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WA States – Top 8

Hello, readers!

  I have a placeholder thread up on MTGParadise, but I will be looking to post decklists and discussion from WA State Championships here first, then update it over there a few days later. The reason being that stuff is a lot easier to format on WordPress than it is on IPB, so I’ll need to dedicate probably my Labour Day Public Holiday to getting it up on MTGP.

 The Top 8, from memory (I was playing poker when the top 8 started, and only saw the top 4, so basically only have accurate knowledge of the top 4) was:

 Winner: Dion Clifford (Kithkin splash Bitterblossom)
Finalist: Shawn Rayson (Windbrisk White)
3rd/4th: Kin-Meng Chew (5 Colour Control)
3rd/4th: Greg Galbraith (Kithkin)
Top 8: John Malanzack (sorry, can’t spell that without reading his name off his decklist) Order of Whiteclay/Doran/Fulminator Mage combo
Top 8: Paul Jackson (5 Colour Control)
Top 8: *Craig Mofflin* (White Weenie)
Top 8: *Tancred Stain* (Red/White)

 I’ll update this when I get home and begin posting decklists.

 Until then!
 – RP

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