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A Reality Check

Sadly this thread will have no more mentions of The Miz. ūüė¶

One of the first threads I ever posted on MTG Paradise was my White Weenie deck. It had barely any land, an awful Creature-to-Equipment ratio, and all in all was pretty bad. Everyone suggested that I add Skullclamp to my deck, but I wasn’t a fan of killing my guys (It had some creatures that didn’t gain bonuses when it was equipped) just to draw cards. But more and more people told me that I was nuts to not play it, so I said that I would at least test it. The card they were suggesting that I should cut was Vulshok Morningstar, so I tested a few games against various decks with both Morningstar and Skullclamp, and much to my delight, the Morningstar came out the better card. Still the ever-intelligent members of MTG Paradise insisted that I was wrong, and that Skullclamp was the better card. So I struck up a compromise – while Morningstar was the better performing card, I would add Skullclamp to my sideboard and simply add it in whenever I felt I needed. Still, that wasn’t good enough. I ended up very frustrated, but then¬†a member named “Upturned Headstone” posted this:¬†” If you refuse to add Skullclamps when they’re the only card that makes White Weenie even remotely competitive, then you’re beyond help. Good luck with your deck.”

This sort of snapped me back into reality, and I made one more post addressing a couple of other posts, and then left the thread to die.

The point of all this being that: I was new to the game when I made that thread and those comments. It was nearly five years ago. recently I came across someone¬†who doesn’t have that excuse to hide behind making the same mistakes.¬†How can someone, who is supposedly quite a talented deck designer, take a post full of comments and say “I tested infinite games, so I know you’re wrong” (implying that the person making the suggestions didn’t test at all). If you’re not going to listen to comments – in particular the comment that say “you have two of X and Y, but X is better and here is why” – and then multiple people agree with them, why bother posting the deck at all? Did he think he’d struck deck design nirvana and was just looking for praise to descend from all the little magic-playing peons?

In my opinion, this deck designer has always had some high-quality ideas that were marred only by an inaccurate knowledge of how the metagame works, and this is supported by his finishes. It frustrates me no end to see someone with that amount of playskill, and a knack for deck design on a level that is quite rare…piss away all this talent because of Pet decks, favoured cards, and a refusal to admit the strength of the strategy of other decks.

Names have been removed to protect the guilty here, but I think we all know who i’m referring to. My lunch break has ended, so this entry must too. Two posts in a day…wow that doesn’t happen often, and especially not recently.


Ok, so I lied about The Miz. <_<


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